Exams for Private Applicators

Pesticide Core Exam

The Pesticide Core exam is required of:
1. Anyone wishing to purchase and apply restricted-use pesticides.
2. A private applicator that does not attend three recertification programs by the permit expiration date (five years to complete).

Category 14 Manure Applicator Exam

Any person applying manure from a Confined Feeding Operation (CFO) on property they own or manage must be certified as a private applicator in Category 14. This includes manure from a CFO-size facilities from out-of-state. An exception is made for people that apply less than 10 cubic yards or 4,000 gallons of manure in a year. Farmers that apply commercial fertilizer to their own acres are not required to be certified. Passing the pesticide core exam is not required prior to the Category 14 exam.

Category 7d Fumigation Exam 

Private applicators that need to purchase fumigants need to take and pass the Category 7d exam. The pesticide core exam must be taken prior to the Category 7d exam. After passing the exam a fumigation rider is added to the private applicator permit, there is no additional charge.

Everyone taking an exam at any of the locations must show a government issued photo ID.
(Contact the Office of Indiana State Chemist for alternative Identification)

 A person is allowed 3 attempts in 12 months to pass an exam, beginning on the date of the first exam.