Pesticide Applicator Training Programs and Winter Weather

 Purdue Pesticide Programs policy is to cancel only when Purdue University cancels classes. So, listen to your local radio or TV station to determine if the University is closed. Remember, don't take unnecessary risks if you feel that weather and/or road conditions make travel too hazardous. Your safety is important—we’ll be glad to reschedule you for another program date, or if you prefer, refund your registration fee.

Purdue Pesticide Programs

​Programming With an Impact:

​• A Nationally Respected Pesticide Applicator Training Program

• An Advocate for Educating Diverse Groups

• A Source of Innovative Educational Materials

• A Place to Go for Information Clients Can Use

Purdue Pesticide Programs (PPP), a function of the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service (CES), has a unique, interdisciplinary purpose relative to pesticide issues. Its mission encompasses implementation of pesticide education outreach programs directed at pesticide user groups and the general public.

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