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Web Resources

On this page you will find timely and useful educational resources, featured updates, and featured information. They may be seasonal items or topics of national or state interest.

Educational Resources

Managing Moldy Corn - This site helps corn farmers and grain elevator managers deal with the problem of corn ear molds, as well as assist producers in protecting the health of their livestock.

Managing Corn Mold



Purdue Extension Means Business - This site includes economic development publications, programs, partners throughout the state and other resources offered by Purdue Extension.

Purdue Extension 
Means Business



New Ventures - Find the answers and information you need to decide whether you should start a new agriculture - or food - related business.

New Ventures



AICC - Helping entrepreneurs assess the potential of new value-added ventures.




CAFOs - A wide range of experts to address and research different concerns surrounding Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs).




Community Development and Public Issues Program - Helps Indiana's communities improve economic development.

Community Development and Public Issues Program



Renewable Energy - Find Purdue resources and answer your questions about renewable energy.




EDEN - Reducing the impact of disasters through education.





Purdue Extension Communication and Marketing Resources - This site provides communication and marketing tools, downloads, resources, guidelines, and advice for Purdue Extension staff.


Purdue Extension Communication and Marketing Resources



Plant & Pest Diagnostic Laboratory - A source of unbiased, quality diagnostics to identify insects, plants and plant diseases as well as diagnosis of plant and pest problems.

Plant & Pest Diagnostic Laboratory


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Featured Updates

Ag Answers provides timely agricultural problem-solving advice, strategies, and reminders to help Indiana and Ohio farmers better manage their crops, livestock and marketplace transactions.

Ag Answers


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Featured Information

MyPlate - The government's new symbol to encourage healthy eating and adequate physical activity, and Purdue Extension is selling printed materials in bulk.





Methamphetamine: Rural Indiana's Challenge



News Columns - From Purdue on gardening, insects and economics.