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Purdue Extension Means Business

Purdue Extension Means Business(PEMB) is a statewide campaign promoting Purdue Extension programs and resources for businesses and entrepreneurs. This page contains general information about the PEMB campaign.

Getting Involved

Purdue specialists and educators have identified programming and resources for businesses and entrepreneurs and they are available to your customers through the PEMB effort. There are two ways to be involved. You can:

  1. Promote the PEMB website and the 888-EXT-INFO (888-398-4363) telephone number as entry points for business people (of all types) to learn more about Purdue Extension resources.
  2. Promote the website, 888 number AND take the time to answer questions or provide business-type programming at the local level.

The PEMB website also provides programming tools you can use in your county.

PEMB Talking Points

The points below are a quick-reference to help you answer questions from people who call your office about the PEMB campaign.

Who's it For?
Purdue Extension offers entrepreneurs and business managers the latest educational resources to make your business better.

What Do We Offer?
Purdue Extension has research-based information about:

  • Starting a business
  • Making a business better
  • Scanning the business environment
  • Developing personnel
  • Value-added agriculture
  • Business tools
  • Development partners

What Does Purdue Extension in (XYZ) County Offer?
We can help you answer questions or make contacts about what Purdue Extension has to offer. The Purdue Extension Educator in this office on: [fill info in blanks].

More Information
A newspaper with success stories from business people like you is available upon request. It provides examples of the educational resources available from Purdue Extension. You can also access it at the PEMB website.


These videos are formated for Windows Media Player. If you are on an AgIT network and have trouble with your Windows Media Player, contact AgIT for support.


To learn more about the PEMB program, a committee of your peers developed various sets of questions and answers. To download them, click on the links below:


News Releases

Local Purdue Extension efforts tied to economic development (Word: 62 KB)

Feature Stories

PEMB Downloads


PEMB Mailer

Download a Word file (Size: 2.44 MB) you can send to follow up with someone who calls asking for more information.

PEMB Handouts

Each county received 200 PEMB cards to use as handouts. These cards give the PEMB public URL and the 888-EXT-INFO number. 

If you need more cards please contact:
Steve Cain
(765) 496-1117

Sample Business Cards 
Color (TIF: 2.42 MB)
Black only (TIF: 635 KB)

PEMB PowerPoint

Download a PowerPoint presentation (Size: 163 KB) that explains the PEMB campaign.

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