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Public Events

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  |||Symposium|||10th Annual Eastern Native Grass Symposium
  |||Plant Sciences Initiative|||Indiana Corn and Soybean Innovation Center Dedication Ceremony
  |||Symposium|||10th Annual Eastern Native Grass Symposium
  |||Workshop|||Purdue Rainscaping Education Program Workshop
  |||Symposium|||10th Annual Eastern Native Grass Symposium
  |||Workshop|||Purdue Rainscaping Education Program Workshop
  |||Student Event|||Ag Council Ice Cream Social
  |||Workshop|||Workshop for Faculty: How to Write a Compelling Story Line
  |||Special Event|||Graduate Student Welcoming and Networking Event
  |||Holiday|||Labor Day - No Classes
  |||Seminar|||2016 HLA Fall Seminar Series (Kathleen Brown Penn State University)
  |||Workshop|||ADVANCE/OVPEC Faculty Search Committee Workshop
  |||Special Event|||Celebration of Teaching Excellence Day
  |||Seminar|||2016 HLA Fall Seminar Series (Anish Malladi University of Georgia)
  |||Workshop|||Faculty Workshop: How to Integrate Broader Impacts into Your Proposal
  |||Student Event|||College of Agriculture Open House
  |||Student Event|||Job Fairs: the 30-Second Commerical
  |||Staff Development|||Career Decision Making
  |||Staff Development|||Applying Travel Rules and Guidelines - TRVL 300
  |||Seminar|||2016 HLA Fall Seminar Series (Hazel Wetzstein Purdue University)
  |||Special Event|||Purdue Family Day
  |||Student Event|||Job Fairs: The 30-Second Commercial
  |||Student Event|||Smart Studying: Effective Ways to Prepare for Exams
  |||Staff Development|||Advancing Teaching Excellence - Brown Bag Series #1
  |||Seminar|||2016 HLA Fall Seminar Series (Kai Tang Purdue University)
  |||Workshop|||Ginseng Field Day
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Administrative Deadline Holiday Meeting Plant Sciences Initiative
Seminar Special Event Staff Development Student Event Symposium Workshop