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Managed Grants

College of Agriculture ​Managed Grants

Grant Description
March 30, 2012
Undergraduate researchers may apply for scholarships that apply to the following academic year and provide $1,000 each for fall and spring semesters (if the student is only here one semester, s/he is only eligible for $1,000).
The successful applicant will (with the help of a faculty research mentor):
 1.  Undertake a research project.
 2.  Complete and save this application on your computer.
 3.  Use this template to obtain a letter of recommendation from the mentor. Save the letter to the end of your application.
 4.  Apply for the scholarship by uploading your combined application and letter using the link on right.
 5.  Use this template to complete a short research progress report each funded semester. Upload it via the link on right.
 6.  Showcase project at the annual spring undergraduate research and poster symposium.
Applications for the next funding cycle are currently being accepted.
Wendy Madore<br /><br />765-494-8362Click to Apply
January 13, 2012
For 2012, $120,000 will be available for project funding.  Each request cannot exceed $12,000 and both individual and team proposals will be considered.  Funding priority will be given to requests for equipment acquisition which will support the research of one or more projects at one or more of the regional PACs.  Programmatic funding will also be considered, but given a lower priority. Click here for additional information. Proposals must be submitted via the link on the right.
If awarded, the Rice Funding Report Form must be submitted upon completion of this project using the link on the right.
Jerry Fankhauser<br /><br />765-494-8368Click to Apply
February 10, 2012
The purpose of the International Travel Grant Program is to assist Purdue research and tenured or tenure-track faculty members in scholarly attainment by providing a portion of the travel costs to those who will have an active role (presenting papers or serving as officials) at recognized international meetings. Click memo from Jess Lowenberg-DeBoer and the OVPR information announcement for more details. To apply, complete and save the PRF International Travel Grant Application, then upload it with attached letter of invitation and/or supporting documentation via the link on right.
Lonni Kucik<br /><br />765-494-8461Click to Apply
The Agriculture student makes this request on behalf of the professor. The research funds ($500) will be allocated to the faculty research sponsor to help defray costs associated with the student's research.
Please have your research proposal and a letter of recommendation from the research sponsor prepared before applying. Attach these documents to this application, then apply via the link on the right. See example application/proposal.
Tim Kerr<br /><br />765-494-8470Click to Apply
November 7, 2011
The Agricultural Research Programs (ARP) Research Assistantships are awarded each year on a competitive basis in an effort to support new tenure-track Assistant Professors as they establish their research programs by providing funding for graduate student research. A primary purpose of this program is to develop and promote research ideas which can be developed into proposals for extramural funding. Important areas of research not having access to outside sources of funding will be considered, however. Review the complete RFP for details. Proposals should be submitted via the link on the right.
Marshall Martin<br /><br />765-494-8365Click to Apply