Initiatives & Tactical Activities

JW Fansler and Chimweme Chisenga
JW Fansler, Agricultural Education, and graduate student Chimweme Chisenga discuss materials from the Indiana Council for Economic Education at the PK-12 Council's Engagement and Outreach Showcase.

The primary activities of the PK-12 Council are strategically implemented to fulfill the purpose and functions of the Council as outlined in the College of Agriculture Strategic Plan 2009-2014.

  1. Leadership & Planning - Develop a comprehensive plan to focus and leverage College P–14 initiatives, positioning the College for national leadership in food, agricultural, life, social, and natural resource sciences education.

  2. Professional Development - Engage in activities to help develop educators and better prepare them for their roles as teachers of food, agricultural, life, and natural resource sciences.

  3. Youth Engagement Projects & Partnerships - Build interest in food, agricultural, life, and natural resource sciences among the P–14 community through a set of coordinated, high-impact initiatives and partnerships.

  4. Curriculum Development - Help prepare P–12 students for post-secondary education in the agricultural, life, and social sciences.

  5. Collaborative Research - Support scholarship that sheds insights on important P–14 education questions in the food, agricultural, life, and natural resource sciences.