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Angel H Aguiar

Agricultural Economics 

  • Database Construction Specialist/Research Economist
KRAN Room 566
403 W. State St
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2056

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Selected Publications

Chepeliev, M., Corong, E., Mcdougall, R., & Van Der Mensbrugghe, D. Y. (2019). The GTAP Data Base: Version 10. Journal of Global Economic Analysis, 4(1), 1-27.

Aguiar, A. H. (2019). Economic impact of skilled labor mobility within the ASEAN Economic Community. In Skilled labor mobility and migration. North Hampton, MA: Edward Elgar.

Estrades, C., & Aguiar, A. H. (2019). Export taxes, food prices and poverty: a global CGE evaluation. Food Security, 11(1), 233-247. Retrieved from

Walmsley, T., Narayanan, B., Aguiar, A. H., & McDougall, R. A. (2018). Building a global database: consequences for the national I--O data. Economic Systems Research, 1--19.

Walmsley, T., Aguiar, A. H., & Ahmed, S. A. (2017). Labour Migration and Economic Growth in East and South-East Asia. The World Economy, 40(1), 116-139. doi:10.1111/twec.12334

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