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Kiersten Alane Wise

Botany and Plant Pathology 

  • Associate Professor
Lilly Hall Room 1-325

The overall goal of my research program is to develop economical and sustainable disease management practices for agronomic field crops. This is achieved by studying the effects of management techniques on the biology of plant diseases. Through this research we can select management practices that will improve crop production efficiency and simultaneously increase our awareness of how diseases interact with their hosts.

Awards & Honors

(2015) American Society of Agronomy Outstanding Extension Education Materials Award for Publications.

(2015) Richard L. Kohl's Outstanding Early Career Award for the Deparrment of Botany and Plant Pathology. Purdue University.

Selected Publications

Sikora, E., Allen, T., Wise, K., Bergstrom, G., Bradley, C., Bond, J., Brown-Rytlewski, D., . . . Vaiciunas, S. (2014). A coordinated effort to manage soybean rust in North America: a success story in soybean disease monitoring. Plant Disease, 98.

Mueller, D., Wise, K., & Members of CDWG (2014). Corn Disease Loss Estimates From The United States and Ontario, Canada. (BP-96-13-W).

Romero-Luna, M., & Wise, K. (in press). Development of molecular assays for diagnosis of Stenocarpella maydis and Stenocarpella macrospora in corn. Plant Disease.

Woloshuk, C., & Wise, K. (2014). Diseases of Corn: Fusarium Ear Rot. (BP-86-W).

Kandel, Y., Bradley, C., Wise, K., Chilvers, M., Tenuta, A., Davis, V., Esker, P., . . . Mueller, D. (in press). Effect of glyphosate application on sudden death syndrome of glyphosate-resistant soybean under different field conditions. Plant Disease.

Wise, K., & Members of NCERA-137 (2014). Fungicide Efficacy for the Control of Soybean Seedling Diseases. (BP-163-W).

Wise, K., & Mueller, D. (2013). Corn Disease Loss Estimates From the United States and Canada--2012. (BP-96-12-W), 2.

Wise, K. (2013). Fungicide Efficacy for Control of Corn Diseases. (BP-160-W), 2.

Wise, K. (2013). Fungicide Efficacy for Control of Soybean Diseases. (BP-161-W), 3.