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Renee K McKee

Extension Administration 

  • 4-H Youth Development Program Leader and CES Assistant Director

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Selected Publications

Mckee, R. (2005). And Sew On. (4-H-928).

Mckee, R. (2005). Sew Fine. (4-H-927).

Mckee, R. (2005). Sew Much Fun Helper's Guide. (4-H-929-W).

Mckee, R. (2005). Sew Simple. (4-H 925), 20.

Mckee, R. (2005). Sew Smart. (#926).

Mckee, R., Talbert, B., & Barkman, S. (2002). The Challenges Associated with Change in 4-H/Youth Development. Journal of Extension, 40(2). Retrieved from

Robinson, A. M., Esters, L. T., Dotterer, A. M., McKee, R. K., & Tucker, M. A. (2012). An exploratory study of the Five Cs model of positive youth development among Indiana 4-H youth. Journal of Youth Development, 7(1), 82-98.

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