Making a Difference in XX County
2010 Goat Video Seminar Series

Raising goats is increasing across Indiana. To meet the need for educating goat producers, a series of three webinars was produced on the health and feeding of goats. 220 people attended at 20 sites in Indiana. Of those surveyed 48% are thinking of expanding their herd.

94% said they would be better able to diagnose and treat medical problems of the herd.

93% said productivity and profitability of herd would increase.

Comments about the program:

"We have raised goats for several years; I believe we had heard more nonsense than truth. I think we have done some medicine overdosing due to incorrect information. I feel this was a beneficial program that really gave our farm RELIABLE, USEFUL knowledge."

"It was enjoyable to cover the big health issues."

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Fulton County 4-H Junior Leaders purchased and wrapped Christmas presents for three families. The eight children included in the families ranged in age from 2 to 17 years old. The Junior Leaders selected clothes, shoes, toys, and craft items for the children. They wrapped the gifts so they could be delivered anonymously. Each family was also given a ham for Christmas dinner.

The Junior Leaders gained the following skills while helping others: working together as a team, selecting age and size appropriate clothes and toys, money management while staying with their budget, comparison shopping and generosity.

For three families in Fulton County, Christmas was brighter because of the difference the Junior Leaders made.

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Dining With Diabetes (DWD) Program

Why is Diabetes education important to Fulton County?

In 2007, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), ranked Fulton County as being one of the top 7 Indiana counties with the highest percentage of people diagnosed with Diabetes.

Purdue Extension Consumer & Family Sciences is Proactive.

The DWD program is an educational approach to reducing the effects of diabetes. Studies have shown with proper diet and modest, consistent physical activity, type 2 diabetes can be delayed, controlled, or even prevented. The DWD program was held in partnership with Woodlawn Hospital and 16 people attended. They were taught the basics of Diabetes and how to prepare flavorful nutritional, low-cost meals. Survey results indicate that 82% said they increased use of non-caloric sweeteners and de- creased the use of sugar; 72% increased their fruit & vegetable consumption; and 79% increased reading of food labels and monitoring carb intake.