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COD : Edna Troth Walker

1976 Certificate of Distinction Winner Edna Troth Walker

Edna Troth Walker

Orleans, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1976

Edna Troth Walker, Orleans, Indiana, has been retired from the State 4-H Club staff for several years now. But the principles she taught, the speeches she gave, and the thousands of young people she inspired remain as an eternal monument to her veracity, her impeccable character, and her complete devotion to improving the lives of all those young people that knew her. Edna graduated from the Purdue School of Home Economics in 1923. After graduation, she taught home economics at Salem, then, in 1928, was appointed home demonstration agent in Vanderburgh County. Two years later, she joined the State 4-H Club Office where she remained until her retirement in 1961. The glamorous part of Mrs. Walker's life was the public appearances that we all know about. However, she was just as diligent and just as dedicated to the workaday tasks that confronted her. She was especially proficient in the development of leaders and served on several state and national committees in that area. She wrote many leaders manuals for extension agents, 4-H Club leaders, as well as many of the project manuals used by 4-Hers. She was one of the originators of the district 4-H leadership schools sponsored by the Rotary clubs. Edna was well known as a speaker for many conferences and meetings around the state, but had a national reputation as well. She has spoken for the National 4-H Club Congress, the Southern Agricultural Workers Conference, and for state 4-H conferences in many other states. Retirement seems to have accelerated Mrs. Walker to even greater activity. She is or has been a member of the Orleans Town Library Board, Vice-President of the Orange County Red Cross, and Chairman of the County Red Cross Bloodmobile Program. She is especially active in the work of her Church where she has worked as financial secretary, choir member, Sunday School teacher, and member of many committees. She is very active in judging 4-H projects, and has been a judge of various competitions at the Indiana State Fair for twelve years. In 1973, she was appointed to the State Commission on Aging and Aged by Governor Bowen. She is one of only two women on that fourteen member body. And she still has time for plenty of leisure activities such as reading, sewing, and literature collection. Purdue spirit never seems to wane. She and Mr. Walker attend all the Purdue home football games as well as Rose Bowl games whenever the rare opportunity presents itself. Edna Troth Walker, we thank you for a life full of devotion to the good life, and, more importantly, to giving that good life to others. You richly deserve this Certificate of Distinction.