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DAA: Robert W. Baltzell

Robert W. Baltzell

Omaha, NE | Distinguished Ag Alumni: 1998

Mr. Baltzell’s remarkable contributions to the animal feed industry have elevated him from salesperson to accomplished entrepreneur. He began his career in 1969 in sales for the Chicago-based company Bullard-Aylor, a firm representing manufacturers in the livestock feed and pet food manufacturing industry. Success swiftly elevated him to manager of a subsidiary facility of the same company in 1972. During the three years under his direction, the subsidiary doubled its sales. Gifted with the talent to recognize future industry needs and an unrelenting enterprising spirit, Mr. Baltzell purchased the Omaha division of Bullard-Aylor and formed his own company, Baltzell Agri-Products. Today he is owner and president of this company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing pre-mix and mineral feed ingredients for livestock food products. Since 1980, when Baltzell Agri-products and another company merged to optimize production, the company has increased sales from $1 million to over $25 million. Mr. Baltzell is currently vice-president and co-owner of another feed industry company, the Gladwin A. Read Company in Elgin, Illinois. The company is a sales agency representing many feed-related companies across the Corn Belt such as PCS Phosphates, Milk Specialties, and De Gussa. He is also very active in the American Feed Industry Association and a founding stockholder of the American Feed Insurance Company. During his years at Purdue, Mr. Baltzell not only excelled in the classroom, but also protected the quarterback and rushed the ball for the 1966 and 1967 football team as starting right half-back.  In 1967, he and the rest of the team secured a victory at the Rose Bowl over Southern California. Demonstrating more than just athletic prowess, he earned the Leonard Wilson Award honoring the senior player who best exemplified unselfishness and dedication to the team. Mr. Baltzell continues to support Purdue today as a member of the Presidents Council, a benefactor providing valuable undergraduate scholarships for students majoring in Animal Science, and a loyal all-around athletic fan. For contributions to his profession and community, and for bringing distinction to his alma mater, Purdue University School of Agriculture is proud to present the Distinguished Alumnus Award to Mr. Robert W. Baltzell.