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DAA: Thomas Hoekstra

Thomas Hoekstra

Bellvue, CO | Distinguished Ag Alumni: 1997

Dr. Hoekstra, a native of Lansing, IL., Serves as the acting director of the Inventory and Monitoring Institute for the National Forest System, a division of the USDA Forest Service. He also is Program Manager for International Forestry Relations. The USDA Forest Service is a key player in the preservation and protection of forests and grasslands in the United States, and provides service to people through the promotion of ecologically sound multiple use benefits of the land. Prior to joining the Forest Service, Dr. Hoekstra was an assistant/associate professor of wildlife ecology at the University of Vermont. Through his research for the Forest Service, Dr. Hoekstra has focused on maintaining ecological sustainability and developing scientifically sound land and wildlife management strategies. As a consultant both nationally and abroad, his ecological expertise is often sought by universities and research groups, including the International Arid Lands Consortium, to which he serves as chairman of the Research Advisory Committee. In 1989, Dr. Hoekstra led a research team and co-authored a report for the 1989 Resources Planning Act Assessment of Fish and Wildlife. The information presented was the basis for the development of fish and wildlife management practices in the Forest Service. Along the T.F.H. Allen, Dr. Hoekstra wrote Toward a Unified Ecology, a book assessing the need for ecologist to become increasingly predictive and urging them to consider large-scale systems in their study. In addition, Dr. Hoekstra is the author or co-author of more than 80 scientific papers. Currently, Dr. Hoekstra is writing a second book with Allen and Dr. Joesph Tainter. Dr. Hoekstra’s professional accomplishment have earned him several awards, including a Certificate of Appreciation in 1990 form the chief of the USDA Forest Service for Exemplary Contribution to Critique on Land Management Planning.