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DAA: John Corya

John Corya

Greensburg, IN | Distinguished Ag Alumni: 1996

John Corya launched his agricultural career in partnership with his father who farmed 700 acres. Today, he is president and manager of two intensive swine operations which employee 60 people and produce more than 140,000 hogs annually—enough to feed 400,000 people. In 1978, after working with his father and brother to expand the family operation, John launched Corya Pork Farms, Inc. The company, which he leads, consists of 1400 sows and 4500 acres of cropland. Mr. Corya is also the manager of Prema-Lean Pork, LLC, a 6, 000-sow operation in which he is a partner with his employees. Quick to adopt new technology, John has also looked for ways to diversify his operation. He has grown seed corn for Pioneer Hybrid Seed Co., started a grain merchandising operation with facilities in Greensburg and Milroy, Ind., and operated two grocery stores as business investments. While the grocery stores have been sold, the farming operation provides feed for the hogs and the grain businesses are used to purchase additional corn for feed, and merchandise any surplus purchase. John says he believes his employees are the company’s greatest single asset. As employees prove their capability, he increases their responsibility. Several Purdue Agriculture alumni are members of the Corya Pork Farm family. Mr. Corya has demonstrated leadership in community activities as well as in hi business. A native of Greensburg, Ind., he is president of the Decatur County Area Plan Commission and past president of the Decatur County Community Foundation, Indiana Farm Management Association, and Parish Council of St. Mary’s Church. He has also been president of the Lake Santee Water Board, the Indiana Farm Management Association, and a committee chair for the Indiana Pork Producers Association. In 1981, Corya Pork Farm hosted the Indiana Farm Management Tour, an opportunity provided only to the best managed farms.