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DAA: Alfredo Navarro de Andrade

Alfredo Navarro de Andrade

, | Distinguished Ag Alumni: 1993

Dr. Navarro is president of Varig Agropecuaria, a subsidiary of the Varig Brazilian Airlines Group, with 14 farms encompassing some 168,000 acres from the northeast to southernmost parts of Brazil. The company is involved with cash crops, beef, dairy, swine, poultry, and fruit production. Under his leadership the company has greatly improved productivity to yield a level of gross sales in excess of $43 million dollars annually. Varig has become one of Brazil’s leading companies in the use of new agricultural production technologies with an emphasis on maintaining an environmental balance. Dr. Navarro began his professional career as a research assistant with the Agricultural Research Service of the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture. Because of his keen interest and research ability in poultry production, he was granted a scholarship to pursue his master’s degree at Purdue University. Upon his return to Brazil in 1969, he became an assistant professor of monogastric nutrition at the School of Veterinary Medicine of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He helped start the University’s graduate program in animal production. In 1972 he returned to Purdue to complete his Ph.D. program. Dr. Navarro then held positions as president of EBRACE in West Africa, technical director of Granja Guanabara in South America, and president of Agrodata Consulting Company. While in his position with Granja Guanabara, a large poultry operation near Rio de Janeiro, he traveled extensively throughout South America and Africa to develop export markets for his and other companies’ products. Dr. Navarro has been a strong advocate for cooperative research and working relationships between industry and educational/ research institutions. He is a past member of the National Poultry Commission of the Ministry of Agriculture and a charter member of the organizing committee for the Brazilian College of Animal Nutritionists. He currently serves on the board of trustees of the Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development, the Technical Committee of the Rio de Janeiro Research Foundation, and the editorial board of the Archives of Veterinary Medicine.