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DAA: Gary E. Chenoweth

Gary E. Chenoweth

St. Louis, MO | Distinguished Ag Alumni: 2011

Gary Chenoweth tried two other majors at Purdue before settling on Food Science. He calls that choice the second best decision he ever made (marrying his wife Mary, who he met on campus his freshman year, was the first). From his first job with Durkee Foods — as a “technical sales guy on the road from Monday morning to Friday night” — Chenoweth rose through the ranks to become a leader and mentor in the processed oils industry. His career progressed with Central Soya, which led to his transition to Bunge Oils in 2003. This division of the world’s largest oilseed processor provides a full portfolio of edible oils to food processors and food service companies. As vice president of food processor sales from 2004 to December 31, 2010, Chenoweth directed the marketing and sales of bulk soybean and canola oils in the United States. Now his company has asked him to capitalize on his longstanding relationships in the industry and his knowledge of Bunge Oils’ diverse business units and the commodities market in a new position. As vice president-customer relationship leader, he is developing programs that focus on customers while he identifies efficiencies in serving them across business units. One aspect of the job that particularly appeals to him is an in-house education component; he is an enthusiastic mentor. Chenoweth serves on the Board of Directors for the Institute of Shortening and Edible Oils, and has represented the oil industry association in Washington, D.C. Quality, stability, and food safety are all issues of great importance to him. He serves his community by volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and Living Lands and Water river cleanup. He believes that exercise is important to quality of life, so when he’s not on the road, he enjoys squash and running. He and the best decision he ever made have two adult children.