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DAA: Bruce A. Scherr

Bruce Scherr

Bruce A. Scherr

Memphis, TN | Distinguished Ag Alumni: 2007

When it comes to boundless energy and unbridled enthusiasm for the task at hand, Bruce Scherr’s wife, Susie, occasionally compares him to his threeyear- old grandson — a resemblance appreciated by Scherr, his employees, and hundreds of global clients alike. As Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Informa Economics, Inc., a company he founded as Agri Commodities in 1981, Scherr heads one of the world’s premier agricultural and commodity research, analyses, and consulting firms. Informa Economics provides high-end services to over 750 food and agribusiness firms and organizations worldwide from offices in Memphis, Washington D.C., Minneapolis, and Winnipeg, Manitoba. Scherr’s most significant career milestones are also those he applies to his company today. As a divisional vice president at Data Resources Inc. from 1974 to 1979, he developed and utilized the first commercially available econometric model for U.S. agriculture — a fully interactive forecasting tool designed to provide problem-solving information. This breakthrough led to advisory roles with numerous government agencies, including the President’s Council of Economic Advisers and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. His company’s success hinges on sensitivity to clients’ issues and opportunities, and Scherr believes the advent of renewable fuels, “the single biggest event to affect global agriculture in fifty years,” represents both. “It’s like taking a giant boulder and throwing it into a still pond,” he says. “Ethanol production has broad, farreaching consequences from farmer to consumer and everyone in between.” Scherr may match the vigor of a threeyear- old, but his peers equally energize him. “We have two assets — our people and our clients. And the more talented your client base, and the tougher their questions, the better you are as a consultant.” “Working with great people around the world to seize opportunities and to solve challenging problems defines my career, and Purdue University was the primary contributor that enabled this experience.”