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DAA: G. William Hoagland

William Hoagland

G. William Hoagland

Washington, D.C. | Distinguished Ag Alumni: 2004

Crunching numbers all day is stressful enough. Make those numbers the Congressional budget, and it is no wonder Bill Hoagland needs a tensionreliever. That and his motivation to stay healthy keep him on schedule, jogging every other day. He’s religious about it, but not fanatical. “Ten miles is my limit,” he says. “I have the best running course in the world. I head out the west side of the Capitol and go down the mall to the Lincoln Memorial and back.” It takes him about 41 minutes for the 4.5 mile lunch-hour run, leaving him time to shower before returning to his desk. A runner since the early 1970s, he’s been consistent in the sport for the last 10 years. “I like getting away from the office. It’s important to relax, to take the pressure off from work,” he says. “I get my heartbeat up and my pulse going. And I have time to myself, time to think. It’s a good time to think.” It’s largely a solo activity for him, although last Thanksgiving he ran the Turkey Trot with his daughter, Kate, visiting from Boston. He usually runs in the April Cherry Blossom 10-miler, but is missing the 2004 race to be at Purdue for the Distinguished Agricultural Alumni Awards. “Most of the time I do it on my own,” he says of his passion for running. “I would like to run a marathon, but my wife thinks I’m too old. There’s nothing scheduled right now.” “IcametoPurduesearching, uncertainastomyfuture. My professors gave me a sense of value, a sense of worth, and a recognition that I could use where I had come from and put it to good work.”