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DAA: Scott A. Jamieson

Scott Jamieson

Scott A. Jamieson

Arlington Heights, IL | Distinguished Ag Alumni: 2004

As a boy, Scott Jamieson simply couldn’t resist the silver maple tree in the back yard of his Gary, Indiana, home—particularly on breezy days. The adventuresome youth often would climb to the very top, sway in rhythm with the grand old maple, and survey his neighborhood kingdom. Years later as a Purdue student, Jamieson and the future Diane Jamieson frequently visited Horticulture Park, simply to sit under the generous branches of “their” tree—a strapping sassafras, native to Indiana and distinguished by its uniquely-shaped leaves and gorgeous autumn color. These days, there’s precious little time to sit below a tree, or to clamber above its trunk. Yet Jamieson’s early, elevating experiences inspired a love of the outdoors and an appreciation for the exertion and discipline of physical activity. “My goal was to climb as high as I could,” recalls Jamieson of his boyhood Scott A. Jamieson Arlington Heights, Illinois Chief Executive Officer The Care of Trees exploits, “and it was pretty silly. We’d never let our professionals climb the way I did as a kid!” Back on the ground, Jamieson spent long hours hiking the Indiana Dunes and, through the years, his homegrown love for the outdoors branched out to flyfishing, tennis, running, martial arts, and skiing. His favorite spots are still wherever trees grow in abundance— Yosemite for its natural beauty, and Sanibel, Florida, for its family-friendly, undeveloped feel. He also claims a “road-less-traveled” favorite, a small offshoot of Gunpowder River, just north of Baltimore. This is where Jamieson perfects his fly-fishing casting technique—a motion he describes as “counter-intuitive”—and rejuvenates his spirit. “I love this little stream,” Jamieson says. “When I’m there, I shut out all distractions and simply focus myself. Some of my best ideas have come from this spot.”