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DAA: William A. Nuerge

William Nuerge

William A. Nuerge

Independence, KY | Distinguished Ag Alumni: 2004

After long hours on the job, Bill Nuerge fills his time with almost a dozen hobbies, and every one has a name. They’re his family—wife Teri; children Amy, Aaron, Branden, Andy, Josh, Austin, and Kelsey; and three grandchildren. Their time together ranges from sporting events—the children’s, college and pro games—to amusement parks, horse races, fishing trips and some travel. Holidays and birthdays bring them all together, too, when they often play football on the Nuerge’s seven acres and soccer on a nearby field. The family buys several season tickets to the Cincinnati Bengals and Reds, and whoever is available goes. Purdue and Colts football games are popular, too, as is an annual trip to Hawaii. “They’re smart. They’re interesting, and it’s enjoyable to see them grow,” Nuerge says of his clan. His oldest child is 29, and his youngest, 15. “And then there are the grandchildren. I have a blend. I enjoy the relationships between the older kids and younger kids. They take care of them and have a lot of fun together. I also try to get individual time with everybody.” His family time is more precious than ever because he was a long time earning it, he says. A father during his college years, he worked full time and studied, too. Then from 1994 to 2000, he commuted to his Kentucky job while his family stayed in Lafayette, Indiana. “I missed six years. Now they’ve all migrated here with me,” he says. “They are a challenge and a lot of work, too. I want to keep them on track as long as I can and get them through these difficult years. So my time is spent with my family.” “I worked full time when I went to Purdue, so I learned the work ethic, the values of taking care of yourself and managing your time. More than anything else, Purdue provided me with something worthy to work toward.”