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DAA: Naim M. Iraki

Naim Iraki

Naim M. Iraki

Jerusalem, Israel | Distinguished Ag Alumni: 2002

When Naim Iraki came to Purdue University to earn his doctorate in plant physiology, he packed his camera. While photography had been his hobby since his late teenage years, it was at Purdue that his interest blossomed. His favorite subjects are natural landscapes and “people in important events,” he says. He shoots with color film, but also enjoys black-and-white photos. The hobby, he says, is “a way of preserving in my mind certain events or beautiful locations I visited and the ‘story’ around each of them.” Photography also gives him an opportunity for personal creativity. “I view photography as an art that can be used for expressing my thoughts and feelings through the kinds of objects and the poses I select.” He doesn’t currently develop his own photographs, but he’d like to. “A large part of the art is also in the film developing process.” While Iraki doesn’t exhibit his photographs publicly, he enjoys displaying them for family and friends. “The reward I get from photography is the pleasure I feel when recalling the event or the location I visited,” he says. “It is a kind of going back to the past and reliving a good time. One photograph may even remind me of a period of several years of my life.” And if a photo has captured a sad time, he thinks back and asks, “What caused it to happen? Could I have avoided this happening? How can I avoid similar events in the future?”