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DAA: D. William “Bill” Biddle

D. William “Bill” Biddle

Remington, IN | Distinguished Ag Alumni: 2000

Deep roots, reverently honored by D. William Biddle, fuel his strength. They send him to church early every Sunday for choir practice, a tradition he began as a youngster at the invitation of his aunt Martha, the church organist. They prompt him to preserve a midfield windmill near the site of the house where his grandfather was born, and to live in the house where his father was born-reminders that he’s the fourth generation to farm in Benton County. And they keep him involved in countless agricultural and Purdue organizations, because people and their ideas are the rewards in his life. “I watched my dad,” Biddle says, “He did a lot of these things, and it seemed like the right thing to do.” His father brought him to Purdue for the Ag Fish Fry and Big Ten games years before Bill was old enough to be e student, and he keeps coming back today,35 years after he earned his agricultural economics degree. • Watching his father also inspired Biddle’s long commitment to agricultural organizations. His commitment included board posts and leadership for Agricultural Alumni Seed improvement Association; American Soybean Association; Indiana Crop Improvement Association; Indiana Institute of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition: Indiana Seed Trade Association; and Public Varieties of Indiana. “The rewards of my involvement over the years are the good people I work with, who then become good friends, and their new ideas,” Biddle says. “Each one has something to offer. Some people measure their success with dollars. I measure mine by the people in my life.” And that explains why he loves waving the Purdue flag every chance he gets, why he sings “Amazing Grace” with such appreciation for life, and why “Born in the U.S.A.” is one of his favorite songs.