​Ag Alumni Programs: 

Ag Alumni Grant:

The Purdue Ag Alumni Association Grant Program is a grant that is provided to a Purdue University recognized student organization that is also affiliated with the College of Agriculture. The Purdue Ag Alumni Association has two grants available to the student organizations the Project Grant and the Initiative Grant. Project Grant is a Non-Matching Grant of $250 or less. The Project Grant is designed to fund short term, small, or one-time projects. The Initiative Grant is a 50:50 Matching Grant of up to $750. The Initiative Grant is designed to fund long term, complex, or on-going projects. Student organizations are required to match 100% of the funds provided by the Ag Alumni Grants Program. Matching funds can be sought from other student organizations, corporate sponsors, individual donors, other grants, etc. Initiative grants can be $250 or less.​ Please see the Grant Guidelines​ for more information. If you have any questions please email Seth Harden at sethcharden@gmail.com.