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Antique Tractor Drive.jpg
Antique Tractor Drive
400 x 30098 KB
Antique Tractor.jpg
Antique Tractor
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At the Stage.jpg
At the Stage
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Baked Goods.jpg
Baked Goods
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Children with Chickens.jpg
Children with Chickens
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Ellsworth Christmas chopping wood.jpg
Ellsworth Christmas chopping wood
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Fair Queen in Tractor.jpg
Fair Queen in Tractor
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Group Photo at Luncheon.jpg
Group Photo at Luncheon
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Horse at Pioneer Village.jpg
Horse at Pioneer Village
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Mauri and the Fair Queen.jpg
Mauri and the Fair Queen
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Normandy Barn.jpg
Normandy Barn
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Pioneer Village Reception.jpg
Pioneer Village Reception
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Pitching Straw.jpg
Pitching Straw
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The Williamson Barn.jpg
The Williamson Barn
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year of the pig.jpg
year of the pig
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