Previous Exhibits

This page describes some of our retired exhibits. These exhibits illustrate the scope of the work we have done in the past. To see current and upcoming exhibitions, visit the Traveling Exhibition Program page.

EAB Exhibit

EAB: The Green Menace

More than 4.7 billion ash trees in North America are potential targets of the invasive emerald ash borer, a small green beetle no bigger than a penny. This exhibit traveled throughout four states to inform visitors about this green menace and what can be done to prevent its spread.

Weather Exhibit

Weather Central

This popular 2005 exhibit showed how weather works, how it's reported, and how advances in forecasting have changed our lives. Visitors had a chance to deliver their own live weather forecast in front of a green screen. This exhibit was created in partnership with LIN TV Corporation.

Mission to Mars Exhibit

Mission to Mars

Visitors saw a glimpse of what it would take to support long-term human survival during a mission to Mars. The exhibition reflected how astronauts on a mission to Mars could grow their own crops and live inside fully enclosed habitats. Plants could provide food and oxygen, while other technologies could provide fresh air and water. The exhibit also featured a video and hyrdroponic garden.

Super Bean

This exhibit featured a variety of consumer and industrial products made from soybeans - from soap and candles to biodiesel and jet fuel - to highlight Purdue research. The exhibit was produced in partnership with the Indiana State Museum and Indiana Soybean Board.