News Photo Archive

Photo Gallery: Fall Harvest
These are photos taken of the fall harvest at the Purdue Agronomy Center.

Photo Gallery: Soybean Crops
These are photos taken of soybean fields in various stages of maturity on Sept. 3 and 8.

Photo Gallery: Purdue Day at State Fair
These photos are taken during Purdue Day which took place on Aug. 13 at the Indiana State Fair.

Photo Gallery: State Fair
These photos are taken during the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis, which runs from on Aug. 6-22. This page also includes stories related to the State Fair.

Photo Gallery: Wine Competition
These are photos taken during the International Wine Competition, which takes place on Aug. 4-6.

Photo Gallery: Philip Nelson
These are photos of Philip Nelson, the 2007 World Food Prize laureate.

Photo Gallery: First the rain, then the heat
Purdue Agricultural Communication photographer Tom Campbell spent part of July 6, 2010, documenting the condition of corn crops in northwestern Indiana. These are some of his photos.

Photo Gallery: Flooded fields from June rains
These are photos of flooded corn and soybean fields in Hamilton and Warren County from Jun. 21-22.

Photo Gallery: Disaster aid
These are photos of tornado-ravaged communities of southern Indiana in March 2012.