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Is There a Market for Your Product?

As an author or client, you have important insights into the key markets for your products. The questions below will help us understand your product and its audience. They will also help start the conversation on what marketing could be done for your product and who will do it.


  • Will your product be specific to Indiana, or could it have a regional/national appeal?
  • Who is the main audience for your product? (Who is your target customer?)
  • What secondary audiences might have an interest in or a need for your product?
  • Identify your product's key benefits to the main and secondary audiences. (Why will people be interested?)

Market Review

  • Do you know of any competing products already in the marketplace? (Who is your competition?) Please identify and list prices.
  • What will make your product stand out? (Does it have a competitive advantage?)
  • Will your product be priced right?

Marketing Channels

  • What, in your opinion, is the best way to reach your main and secondary audiences? (How does your audience get its information? Examples: through associations, e-mail, publications, advertising, etc.)
  • What organizations might be interested in this product? Do you have a personal contact with someone at any of the organizations you've listed?
  • What journals, magazines, and/or newsletters might have an interest in your product?
  • What conferences, seminars, trade shows, or other events would be good venues to present information about your product? Do you attend any of these?
  • Do you have access to e-mail or direct mail lists that could be used to promote this product?
  • Are you involved in any peer networks that would help market this product?
  • What collateral materials would be useful?


  • Is money available for the promotion of this product? (Conference booths, advertising, print materials, mailing lists, Web page, etc.)
  • Are there opportunities for co-branding? (Sharing promotional dollars with like institutions or companies).