Peer Review Policy for Purdue Extension Materials

This page describes the procedures that faculty and staff must follow to publish and receive credit for numbered Purdue Extension educational materials.

The procedures outlined below are intended to ensure that all Purdue Extension materials receive the same review and are treated with the same level of importance.

The originating department is responsible for ensuring review of all educational materials. The review process for Web-only publications should be no different and no less rigorous than that established for more traditional, ink-on-paper publications. The names of two reviewers are required (three are preferred) on the ACS Form 1.

Extension Program Leaders are ultimately responsible for the quality of all Purdue Extension materials and for ensuring that all materials make appropriate contributions to their respective programs. By signing the ACS Form 1, Program Leaders signify their approval of those materials.

All numbered Purdue Extension materials will include the "Expert Reviewed" mark. This mark has been created to distinguish for readers that Purdue Extension materials are science-based and peer reviewed.