Photo Manipulation and Permissions

AgComm Client Guidelines For Publishing Projects specify the technical requirements for submitting digital images. In addition to those guidelines, it's important to remember the points described below.

Photo Manipulation

Always provide AgComm with original, unmanipulated images.

It is unacceptable to distort or degrade an image. It is unacceptable to remove or add items or people to a photo.

Photo Permission

For every image you use in your publication, you must secure written permission from the creator(s) and subject(s). It is especially important to secure such permission when taking photographs of children or the general public. Remember, many people don't like their photos published.

Use this Photo Subject Release Form (PDF) to secure such permission from photo subjects.

These guidelines do not apply to purchased photo CDs. However, it is advisable that you review conditions and restrictions specified by the manufacturers.

Work with your editor if you want to use photos or graphics from AgComm's collection.

For more information, see the Copyright Permissions Policy.