Exhibit Development and Design

The Purdue Agriculture Exhibit Services Center has more than 15,000 square feet of fully equipped studio space that our team of experts use for all aspects of exhibit design and fabrication, including CAD engineering, carpentry, metalwork, plastic fabrication, modeling, construction, prototyping, and project management.

Our team members are planners, designers, and producers of museum-quality exhibits as well as two- and three-dimensional educational materials. We also work with student interns and teach them the various aspects of design, technology and fabrication in order to provide them hands-on experience.

Who Can Use the Exhibit Services Center?

We develop and create exhibits exclusively with Purdue educators and researchers, primarily from Purdue Agriculture and Purdue Extension. Content specialists work with a team of writers, editors, designers, and fabricators. Specialists are partners in the exhibit-development process and help provide the necessary ideas, text, images, and other materials to ensure the exhibit's success.

The Process

There are many factors to consider when planning any exhibit project. The Exhibit Services team will meet with content specialists to discuss all aspects of the project, including content, size, market, costs, feasibility, and other factors.

Content specialists interested in meeting with the team to discuss a project should first complete an Exhibit Proposal Form (PDF: 42 KB).

The first step in any exhibit project is to create an Exhibit Design Brief (PDF: 339 KB) to define the exhibit's goals. From there, content specialists meet regularly with the exhibit team to create, develop, and approve major aspects of the exhibit's design, construction, and evaluation.

Contact Information

To learn more about getting started on an exhibit project, contact:

Amy Winger
(765) 429-5409​