Purdue zipTrips

Purdue zipTrips

Featured Project: Purdue zipTrips™

Clients:   Purdue School of Veterinary Medicine
Purdue Agriculture
Purdue Discovery Learning Research Center

Description: Purdue zipTrips are free electronic field trips for middle-school science students. Teachers register their students to participate, then the field trip experience is delivered LIVE directly to schools or homeschools. During the field trips, Purdue scientists share their work and love of science with the students, with subjects organized strongly around scientific inquiry.

Purpose/Audience: To support STEM education for students in grades 6–8 and increase their interest in science.

AgComm Contributions:




  • Produce three live zipTrips broadcasts annually (through 2012)
  • Evaluate content of live broadcasts and support materials to align with STEM standards
  • Shoot and edit videos of revised materials
  • Market Purdue zipTrips to teachers nationwide
  • Maintain website

This program is partially funded by a grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Additional support is provided by the program partners: Purdue School of Veterinary Medicine, Purdue Agriculture, and the Discovery Learning Research Center at Purdue.