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The Indiana Local Government Information Website contains educational materials about Indiana state and local government, including topics such as property tax assessment, property tax controls, the state budget, local government budgeting, local income taxes, and the fiscal impact of development.
Capital Comments is Larry DeBoer's monthly column about Indiana state and local government issues, and the national economy.  It is published by Agricultural Communication at Purdue.  This is a link to the current column.  An archive of columns back to 2001 is also available.
Local Decision Maker (LDM) is a powerful decision support system for comprehensive planning.  LDM brings together the data, current research, analyses, mapping tools, and models to assist communities throughout the planning process.  If vexing issues such as too much growth, too little growth, loss of natural resources, poor employment outlook, or declining school populations have driven your community to the point that change is wanted, you will find LDM useful. LDM will help you assess existing conditions, develop a realistic vision of the future, identify future development strategies, and select a preferred strategy consistent with the community's economic, natural resource, social and cultural objectives and projected resource bases.  Conflicts are unavoidable given competing objectives.  Overall, we expect communities that use LDM will find ways to navigate through these conflicts and develop a comprehensive plan supported by the community.