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agecon_undergrad_Intern_part_jobs: LoadOut Technolgoies, LLC / Sales and Marketing Internship


LoadOut Technolgoies, LLC / Sales and Marketing Internship


Dear Purdue Students,


On behalf of LoadOut Technologies, LLC, I am pleased to announce the opening of a Sales and Marketing Internship Position beginning immediately. LoadOut will extend this opportunity to two (2) Purdue Students for the Fall 2011 semester.


For this internship position, we will provide you an opportunity to make a direct impact on our hardware/software company based out of the Purdue Research Park. As many of you LoadOut was founded by a Purdue Agriculture Alumni, and currently consists of approximately 20 young people that are working to make agriculture better through the advancement of technologies


For this internship, the successful candidate will be working approximately 8 hours per week throughout the duration of the fall semester. As this is an experience-focused internship – there will not be any set compensation for this period of time. Pending your performance, we reserve the right to compensate you for accomplishments of task oriented objectives as a way to reward your commitment to this organization. Our firm will work to provide you an experience, facilitate high-tech networking and deliver opportunities to connect you with a vast array of people.


For this internship, your responsibilities will include:


1. Working with our engineering and software development personnel to understand the technologies and solutions, how they provide value to consumers, and a high-level assessment of how they function to be able to educate our distribution partners.


2. Dialogue and interaction between LoadOut and our partners, distribution partners, and clients across the US and foreign countries. Activities include providing insight and product demonstrations, working with senior members of the LoadOut team to set up new distributors and strategic channel partners, and key decision making on material provided to help them extend value to the end user.


3. Planning and development with other members of the marketing team on advertising and special event campaigns to further solidify the LoadOut brand as the steadfast front for technology in the agriculture space.


4. Translation of video, web, and print media for interpretation in other languages via working with members of the international community within the Greater Lafayette area.


5. Participating in day-to-day corporate matters that involve strategy, planning, and business operations, potential travel, and other corporate experiences. LoadOut Marketing Positions.


1281 Win Hentschel Boulevard West Lafayette, IN


Please email your resume and preferred method of contact to:


The email address above is correct: LoadOut is one of the first companies to adopt the new “.co” internet Domain.


This Internship will begin the first week of Fall Classes.

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