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agecon_undergrad_Intern_part_jobs: Novus Intern Program


Novus Intern Program


Please send your resume and cover letter to Mr. Randy Anderson, []


 Students can contact me with resume and why they  are interested and


Novus Pork Team Intern Program



Internship Objective:

Novus strives to provide a well rounded educational experience, enabling the intern to understand all facets of the NA Pork Industry. This includes a variety of Production and Industry education and communication activities meant to build a strong knowledge base of the Pork Industry.  


This internship is focused around a project that is developed to help the intern learn key sectors of the industry and also collect information that is helpful to Novus in fine tuning market information and identifying market drivers and strategies of the pork industry.


For the summer of 2011 Novus will offer two intern programs. These intern programs will include a Survey project that includes with working key industry people such as veterinarians, Production Managers, Nutritionists, Packers and Meat Retailers in the industry. The project focus is on discussions and learning how the industry utilizes additives and other ingredients in production.


The two intern programs are:

  1. Sales/Marketing Focus – This program will focus on production and sales to understand how best to work with pork producers,
  2. Meat Business Focus- This program focus on packers and the meat consumption business. It will potentially involve retail meat case experience.





World Pork Expo – June 2-5

Novus in STL – 2 weeks to be determined

Customer Meeting in STL June 16-18

Midwest Integrator Production training – 3 days

NPPC – 2-5 days

Genetic Company  – 1-3 days

Veterinary Service – 4 days

NPIC meeting – July 19-22

North Carolina integrator production experience– 2-3 days

North Carolina ride along with Scott Moore -2-3 days

Feed Mill tours -2 days – Steve Weldon

Other duties as identified by NSM.

Presentation and discussion of Intern program in STL

Expires On



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