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Oxborn & Barr - Internship


Osborn & Barr (O&B)

Osborn & Barr (O&B), founded in 1988 with four employees and a single account, has a staff of

more than 140 professionals today. We are the largest agricultural and rural focused marketing

communications agency in North America with U.S. offices in St. Louis and Kansas City.

We know the agricultural industry inside and out. Though the company has recently celebrated

its 22nd year of business, the expertise actually began long before the company opened its doors

as founder, Steve Barr, worked in various marketing and advertising positions for Monsanto and

John Deere. Since then, the agency has hired personnel who are not only experts in the marketing

and branding field, but many O&B employees were either raised on or currently operate a farm.

So literally, agriculture is a personal passion for us.

2011 Summer Internships

If you are a Junior or Senior and you are seeking an internship that will enhance your market

value through real-life hand’s on experience in communications (advertising / marketing / PR),

then please apply. We will provide you with real work experience to gain a better understanding

of the communications industry, and develop valuable career contacts for the possibility of future

employment opportunities after graduation. This internship will run from early June through


We are seeking college Juniors or Seniors majoring in Marketing, Communications, Art

Direction, English, Graphic Design, Computer Programming, Journalism, Advertising or

Agriculture with a strong academic performance, demonstrating leadership through a balance of

academics and extra curricular activities. They should display confidence through a level of

assertiveness; are a self-starter and a quick-study; are able to articulate their thoughts and

effectively communicate ideas in writing and have a base level of professionalism and business


Internship opportunities are available in both St. Louis and Kansas City locations throughout the

agency. Positions include: Account Service Intern, Public Relations Intern, Media Planner

Intern, Account Planner Intern, Production Intern, Art Director Intern, Copywriter Intern, and

Web Designer Intern.

Interested individuals should send their resume, cover letter, work samples (if applicable)

and position desired to Please contact Holly Head at 314-746-1984

with additional questions.

Application deadline December 31, 2010

Expires On



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