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agecon_undergrad_Intern_part_jobs: ON Campus Job - Student Assistant in ANSC


 ON Campus Job - Student Assistant in ANSC


Student Assistant

Career Services and Alumni and Industry Liaison

-Develop great industry contacts

-Improve your communication skills

-Utilize your creative skills for displays and flyers

-Assist in writing promotional items, brochure and email newsletters

-Help plan, organize and promote young alumni picnic

The (student employee)Career Services and Relations position will work closely with Barry Delks in enhancing industry and alumni relations. The student assistant would help Improve careers services and coordinating communication to improve the Successful Alumni and Intern web sites.  Duties may consist of activities including:

-Assist in planning, organizing and hosting industry, vet medicine and graduate student seminars and career panels

-Help plan and coordinate industry tours

-Assisting with career service duties and office management

-Contact and collaborate with key ansc alumni leaders for career and homecoming events

-Organize and coordinate industry information sessions to enhance student and industry mentoring

-Develop an ANSC alumni mentoring program and website: Identify the top 10-20 companies /alumni, Select 10- 20 seniors and graduate students for the first year, Survey students individual interest, skills, personality and career goals and match with stated needs from key industry contacts

-Enhance the “Successful Alumni”  and INTERN web site/contact sheets by option and or career

-Organize social programs to enhance faculty/alumni/student mentoring

-Assist with planning, organizing and promoting the Book Harmon Forums

-Enhance ANSC Alumni networking on Face book  or Linked In


Minimum 5 hours/week in the spring- could start now

Paid position


 Send resume and cover letter to:


Barry Delks

Lilly Hall Room 2109

West Lafayette, IN 47907

765 496 7234

Expires On



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