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agecon_undergrad_Intern_part_jobs: Florida Crystal Internship


Florida Crystal Internship


Florida Crystal Corporation

Position: Internship

#1 Role Description: The intern will be exposed to Farm, Factory, Refinery and Packaging Operations and Management. In Florida

Crystals we believe that the operational approach to management training is most suitable when trainees see and practice what

managers do. To be successful, the manager has four functions to fulfill: PLAN, ORGANISE, MOTIVATE AND CONTROL. Most

important, he most do all four if anyone is to succeed.

#2 The Specific Tasks:

Planning is choosing a course of action from alternative courses of actions

Organizing is learning that people will work together most effectively if they know the contribution they need to

make to the operation and how their contribution relates to others.

Motivation is learning a skill that enables the manager to get his employees to do what he wants them to do,

continuously and enthusiastically.

Control is a management function of making sure that plans will succeed.

#3 Specific Goals: The chief problem of the sugar industry remains that of lowering cost of production of a high quality raw material.

An intern will meet the following challenges:

Performance of sugarcane varieties on different growing conditions and in processing.

Cultural aspects of sugarcane: land preparation, mechanical tillage, weed and disease control, distinction between

“mill cane” and “seed cane”.

Sugarcane nutrition: The question of optimum requirement of nutrients in the form of organic and synthetic

fertilizers attracts considerable attention.

Irrigation & Drainage: Level ditch system of irrigation is largely the one used in Florida. An intern will become

acquainted with a system unique and possible because of the fairly flat slope of the land.

Chemical ripening off the crop. The intern will learn about chemical formulations, air & timing of applications.

Farm Safety: An intern will learn that working in the sugarcane industry can be a hazardous occupation. There are

many common type of accidents caused by tractors, other vehicles, water, electricity, shops, material handling.

He/she will become aware that accident effects can be very long lasting.

Harvesting & Transport: mechanical harvesters have simplified harvesting procedure but it has its unique problems.

Sugar Milling: The intern will learn how a mill tandem crushes and washes the juice from the cane. This is followed

by a series of operations, in which it separates as much as possible of the sucrose from the water, impurities, fiber

and dirt that make up the balance of the cane juice.

Laboratory & Quality Control: The intern will be exposed to the significance and meaning of polarization (Pol),

moisture, ash, color, filterability, dextran, grain size, and starch in sugar. This is important because customers firstly

inquire about price and what grade of sugar will be supplied.

#4 Knowledge, Techniques to be learned: The answer to this is already implicated in step # 3

#5 Methods of performance evaluation: I suggest to evaluate the intern based on the following performance reviews:

Attitude and approach to work

Attendance to work

Dedication to work

General job skills

Interpersonal skills


Learning skills

Potential management skills

Organizing skills

Potential for advancement

Quality/quantity of work


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