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agecon_undergrad_Intern_part_jobs: Beck's Hybrids Internship Opportunity


Beck's Hybrids Internship Opportunity


Beck’s Hybrids Production Internship Crop Scout Program


Interns will be involved in several Production Learning Modules throughout the internship, including scouting relating to: Plant growth and development, Plant Pathology, Entomology, Plant Nutrition, and Weed Control.  Individuals will receive education and work experience in each module. 


Plant Growth and Development Module

Interns will learn how to determine the stage of growth and the basics of seed production for corn and soybeans.  Training and duties may include: monitoring fields for emergence issues, recording and evaluating stand counts, determine stage of growth for development, evaluating and recording overall plant growth.


Plant Pathology Module

Interns will learn how to identify the most common diseases found in corn and soybeans related to seed production.  They will also help determine economic thresholds and evaluate fungicide control options for the crop.


Entomology and IPM (Insect Pest Management) Module

Interns will learn how to identify insects in their various growth stages, related to the maturity of the crop and their impact on crop growth and development, and yield.  They will learn the appropriate scouting and sampling techniques for the major insects affecting seed production.  They will also participate in Beck’s IPM program by monitoring and recording insect trap levels at various locations.


Plant Nutrition Module

Interns will learn the basic mechanics of corn and soybean Plant Nutrition.  They will participate in soil nitrate sampling and leaf tissue sampling for corn and soybeans.


Herbicide and Weed Control Module

Interns will evaluate weed control and identify weeds relating to crop production.  They will also help evaluate, monitor, and recommend weed control options in soybean seed acres.


Pollination and Research Module

Interns will participate in the detasseling process of seed corn production. Interns will take detailed notes during pollination of tassel counts, silk counts, and plant maturities.  They will help collect, report, and analyze data from production research experiments 


General information and Work Schedule

- Farm background and general farm knowledge would be helpful, but not required. 

- Summer interns must provide their own transportation to Beck’s facilities     

near Atlanta, Indiana.  Ask about local housing availability. 

- Start work in early May and work through early August.

          Base Hours MON-FRI 7:30-5:00, SAT 7:30-NOON (Approx. 40-60 hours per week)



Pay rate = $9.00 per hour (x 1 ½ over 40 hours) with up to $2.00 per hour bonus based on performance evaluation at the end of the employment.     


Contact or send resume to: 

Mark Beamer - Beck’s Superior Hybrids

6767 E. 276th Street                                                                        

Atlanta, Indiana 46031



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