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agecon_undergrad_Intern_part_jobs: PU ANSC (Ashok) StudentWorker


PU ANSC (Ashok) StudentWorker


Purdue University

Dept. of Animal Sciences

Position: Student Worker Needed

This is a posting for a student worker to help with specified tasks. The work involves

carrying out activities in sample collection for poultry as well as data/protocol


The candidate will be under direct supervision and work hours are flexible and decided

on a weekly basis, with up 1-10 hours per week depending on needs and availability.

Responsibilities will include but not restricted to the following

Blood sample collection, Artificial Insemination of the chickens in the Poultry


Maintenance of Lab supply materials

Data entry/Management and Computer management

While training in any of these areas are preferable they are not required.

Candidates must show the following abilities

Be self-motivated and able to be responsible for tasks assigned

Physically ability to manage small to moderate loads around 50lbs

Willingness to learn as well as flexibility in learning varied subject matter

The work will provide the candidate to develop skills in management of data as well as

hands-on training in areas of poultry and animal breeding. Additionally, there will be

opportunities to learn Bio-Informatics techniques/ software as well as other

computational skills.

Compensation will be starting at $7 per hour.

Interested candidates are encouraged to directly contact Ashok Ragavendran with a

resume in word or pdf format ( )


Expires On



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