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agecon_undergrad_Intern_part_jobs: RX Acres Belgians = Equine Reproduction Mgmt Internship


RX Acres Belgians = Equine Reproduction Mgmt Internship


RX Acres Belgians

Brookston, Indiana

Position: Equine Reproduction Management Internship

January ASAP – June, 2011

Melissa Brown, Breeding Manager

Undergraduate Special Project credit is planned in advance


foal watch/foaling

postpartum mare care

neonatal care

assist with inseminating, teasing, collecting, preparing semen

cleaning/set up of lab and supplies that pertain to inseminating, collecting, shipping


halter breaking colts

preparing and assisting during repro clinics

Intern Criteria/Attributes:

junior or senior undergraduate student in academic good standing

enough horse handling experience to be safe

commitment to the agreed upon schedule (we will work around your classes)

at least 15 hours per week

a positive attitude and desire to learn

good interpersonal skills and

good work ethic and interest in solving problems

Application Process:

E-mail a current resume with a cover letter describing your horse background, career interests,

personal goals and motivation to be derived from this internship to directly. Be sure to state what you will bring to RX Acres and

this internship position.


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