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agecon_undergrad_Intern_part_jobs: Purdue Translational Pharmacology


Purdue Translational Pharmacology


Translational Pharmacology Facility Purdue

We would like a student willing to work 8-10 hours a week not always guaranteed and one who

will be willing to work through the summer. Mostly morning hours (sometimes before 8:00) but

they can be flexible around the student’s schedule.

It would include surgical assistance (some training) here at the vet school and behavioral work

with swine including positive reinforcement training. As well as they should have the ability to

dose oral compounds for studies.

This person needs to not be afraid to get dirty and sometimes bruised up from time to time.

Someone is needed who will be willing to work independently and confident enough to take on a

slight leadership role towards the end of summer/beginning of next semester in the absence of

the supervisor. This individual should be able to direct the person who will be running studies in

my absence.

This position is very flexible and there are only certain days where it is mandated that they be

around for specific tasks.

If interested email Robyn McCain at

Ms. McCain will be available after February 18th to speak with interested individuals.


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