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agecon_undergrad_Intern_part_jobs: Case New Holland


Case New Holland


Position Title: Marketing Intern


The marketing intern will work directly with the product managers on the creation of programs, the

publication and pricing of programs, creation of marketing materials, and many other activities. The

candidate will work closely with CNH suppliers to work out new marketing projects or changes to existing

projects. Additional activities will include editing and proofing publications or bulletins, working with the

pricing department for accuracy of program pricing, and working with print media suppliers on internal and

external publication edits. The intern will work on assignments with other divisions within CNH including but

not limited to engineering, whole goods, and purchasing.

Performance Expectations:

Candidate will be expected to produce or proof marketing programs and documents to assure that

they are grammatically correct.

Candidate would be expected to be a creative and critical thinker.

Candidate will be expected on occasion to check pricing levels published in marketing bulletins against

internal system pricing. Error free publications are expected.

Candidate is expected to increase their knowledge of our products, systems, and organizational

structure to apply towards growth of our parts business.

Candidate is expected to professionally interact with other divisions and suppliers. Candidate will be

evaluated on an ongoing basis constructively on participation, overall attentiveness, and overall

progress during the internship.

The candidate will be evaluated according to deadlines and accuracy of all projects.

Candidate would be expected to analyze and suggest improvements to the current marketing methods

and materials.

Candidate will be expected to perform assigned tasks in a timely manner.

Expectations would include working with all product managers to help improve our current marketing

materials. (B2B and B2C)

Job Requirements:

The applicant is expected to have excellent communication and business skills including email etiquette and

telephone skills. Applicant must have an understanding of basic Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, Outlook).

A strong business acumen is important to success in this role. The applicant will need to have a moderate

understanding of financial terms and how to apply them to business (How to audit a pricing list and check US

pricing against Canadian pricing given the exchange rate.) A background or understanding in the agricultural

industry is a plus.

*Interested Applicants should email their resume to

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