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agecon_undergrad_Intern_part_jobs: Remington Seeds - Summer Scouts


Remington Seeds - Summer Scouts


2011 Summer Scouting Positions

The Job: Responsibilities will include the monitoring of seed corn fields. Fields are to be

monitored regularly for infestation of insects, weeds and plant diseases. You will be

exposed to the use of GPS technology in training. You may utilize this GPS training in

operating equipment for soil sampling, plant tissue sampling, field scouting and acreage

determination. We prefer you have your own vehicle

Experience and Training:

No previous experience is required. We are looking for self motivated students

that enjoy working out of doors and are capable of making detailed observations.

Training will begin on Monday May 9th, 2011, the week after Spring finals are

completed. Additional training will be provided throughout the season.

Area of Work: The production area is south of Lafayette.

Compensation: Wages begin at $10 per hour. Higher wages are paid for returning scouts.

Mileage is paid at prevailing rates. Summer employment averages about 40 per week.


Curtis Ross

Director of Agronomy

Remington Seeds, LLC

P.O. Box 9

16946 S 480 W

Remington, IN 47977

219-261-3444 ext 3335



Contract Production, Packaging and Distribution of Quality Seed

Expires On



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