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agecon_undergrad_jobs_full: Calihan Port Processors / Assistant General Manager


Calihan Port Processors / Assistant General Manager


The following is a limited job description for the Assistant General Manager position.
This person will work hand-in-hand with the current general manager and learn from the ground up:
1.) All aspects of the business to ensure Calihan receives maximum return.
2.) Daily hog procurement. This involves daily and weekly scheduling, chasing late hog trucks, scheduling of inbound
hogs/appointment times, discussing pricing with hog dealers/seller, developing new relationships with hog sellers,
maintaining relationships with existing hog sellers. Essentially, assisting with the entire hog procurement process. Annually,
Calihan purchases over $30 million of live hogs.
3.) Daily meat sales/orders. This involves scheduling and managing production against orders. Logistic of all outbound meat
orders. Selling inventory at a profitable level. Assist in developing new customers. Maintaining superior relationships with
existing customers. Contribute towards establishing pricing for new/potential customers. Establishing pricing for ham
muscles, Canadian backs, back ribs, spare ribs, tenderloins, variety meats. This involves the entire revenue stream for
4.) Work with contracted accounting professionals from Clifton, Larson , Allen regarding our monthly financials.
5.) Computer proficiency is a must. Peachtree or Quickbooks Accounting familiarity is a plus.
6.) Procure, Design & Schedule packaging materials.
7.) Insure invoices are paid in a timely manner. Work with customers to keep this under a 14 day average.
8.) Work with Production Managers to insure we are getting maximum revenue while meeting customer needs
9.) Schedule and follow up on truck deliveries to our customers to insure everything is satisfactory. Negotiate freight rates with
our carriers. Verify insurance coverage is adequate with carriers.
10.) Ensure Management, Supervisors and employees perform their functions with a minimum of conflicts. Be a priest, social
worker, friend, dictator, or what it takes to keep the team working together to a common end.
11.) Developing new products that will generate additional revenue for Calihan.
12.) Work with QA Director to ensure they meet FSIS requirements and all personnel implement them properly.
13.) Advise ownership on proposed changes to the facility on feasibility of successful implementation.
14.) Coordinate CO2 deliveries with production needs.
15.) Handle all claims and disputes on meat products and livestock in a fair and equitable manner.
16.) Coordinate with outside freezers for storage of our frozen products including rates, deliveries and out bound shipments
17.) Attended weekly ownership, management and maintenance meetings.
18.) Help manage all workplace injuries. Ensure that Supervisors and employees perform their functions safely. File Report of
First Injury reports with the worker comp carrier promptly. Ensure that injured employees receive proper medical treatment
and enforce modified duty policies. Conduct period reviews and updates of the company handbook.
19.) Discuss potential new hire candidates with management and supervisors.
20.) Compute and complete the Daily P&L sheet.
21.) Work with the Union as necessary.
22.) Periodically check the plant during non-production hours. Promptly react to all on and off hour alarms.
If interested contact:
Tom Landon
Calihan Pork Processors, Inc.
One South Street
Peoria, Illinois 61602
Phone: 309-674-9175 Cell: 309-648-3780
Fax: 309-674-3003
Web Site:








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