Morgan Dawson Studies in Australia


Morgan Dawson (Junior, Sales and Marketing; Underwood, IN) is spending her spring semester in Australia!  Although she is studying at the University of Adelaide, Morgan has thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the Australian culture as well.  She states, “I'm a HUGE fan of the Australian BBQs. They are so fun, and the food is delicious. I have also spent a lot of my time out of the classroom at the beach, which is about a twenty minute tram ride from my place.”
As a student at Adeliade, she is taking four academic classes including topics such as business finance, marketing, and policy. Dawson comments on the difference between the two academic cultures, “I only have class four days a week and hardly ever have homework. In all of my classes, my final exam will account for either 50 or 60% of my final grade in the course. Talk about a lot of pressure! My professors are all very knowledgeable and rather laid back.” She has found herself appreciating her Purdue degree, “My already large appreciation for Purdue has grown even more in many ways, such as in the high standard students are held to and the professionalism of the university and all who are involved.”
“I have met SO many people and have made some friends that I'm sure I will have for a lifetime. Many of my new friends are from all over Australia, Germany, Italy, Canada, Brazil, China, the US...and that's just to name a few places. There are literally people from everywhere here.”  After visiting Cleland Wildlife Park and feeding a koala, she realized, “Whoa! I'm actually really in Australia.”  She has also been able to travel to Melbourne and spend a day on the Great Ocean Road, stayed with some Australian friends on an Australian farm, traveled to the Barossa Valley to see the vineyards, and then to Sydney to tour Dow AgroSciences and Elanco Animal Health.
Dawson concludes, “I have had very many "ah-ha!" moments so far during my time in Australia. I've thought about the value in a person becoming a part of the minority after being a part of the majority for so long. I've learned how vital it is to stay true to yourself and your beliefs when almost every single person around you believes the exact opposite of what you do. I've realized the importance of holding your tongue in certain situations and conversations. Finally, I don't think I've ever loved my university and especially my country more than I do right now.”


Morgan feeding kangaroos at Cleland Wildlife Park


First day at the university of Adelaide


A beautiful day along the Great Ocean Road