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Alla A Golub

Agricultural Economics 

  • Research Economist in Climate Policy

Alla Golub joins the department as a Research Economist in Climate Policy working in the Center for Global Trade Analysis (GTAP). Alla graduated from Purdue in 2006 with Ph.D. in agricultural economics. Since graduation, Alla has worked with GTAP as a Post-doctoral Research Associate.

Awards & Honors

(2011) Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis of the Global Impacts of Biofuels. US Environmental Protection Agency.

(2011) Global Agriculture and Forestry Greenhouse Gas and Renewable Energy Research. Electric Power Research Institute.

(2010) Analysis of Offsets Market Potential. Electric Power Research Institute.

(2010) Effects of GHG Mitigation Policies on Livestock Sectors. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Selected Publications

Binkley, J. (in press). Consumer demand for nutrition versus taste in four major food categories. Agricultural Economics.

Henderson, B., Hertel, T., Rose, S., Avetisyan, M., & Sohngen, B. (2010). Effects of GHG Mitigation on Livestock Sectors. (GTAP working paper 62), Jan-53. Retrieved from

Hertel, T., Jones, A., O'Hare, M., Plevin, R., & Kammen, D. (2010). Global Land Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Impacts of U.S. Maize Ethanol: Estimating Market-Mediated Responses. BioScience, 60(3), 223-231.

Hertel, T., Taheripour, F., & Tyner, W. (2010). Modeling Biofuels Policies in General Equilibrium: Insights, Pitfalls and Opportunities. In New developments in General Equilibrium Analysis for Trade Policy (153-184). Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Tyner, W., & Taheripour, F. (2011). Calculation of Indirect Land Use Change (ILUC) Values for Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCSF) Fuel Pathways. Retrieved from

Binkley, J. (2011). Consumer demand for nutrition versus taste in four major food categories. Agricultural Economics, 42.

Avetisyan, M., Hertel, T., Rose, S., & Henderson, B. (2011). Why a Global Carbon Policy Could Have a Dramatic Impact on the Pattern of the Worldwide Livestock Production. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, 33(4), 584-605.