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Lee E Stanish

Lee Stanish is a project manager at the Center for Food and Agricultural Business. His primary responsibilities are business development, relationship management with key agribusiness clients and program/content development. Specifically, Lee focuses on establishing new custom program opportunities and selling the center’s public programs. He assesses client needs, designs program content and aligns appropriate faculty resources, evaluates program effectiveness and executes marketing campaigns.

Lee joined the center after spending five years in Purdue’s International Programs in Agriculture office. There he designed and coordinated international Extension education programs and research. Prior to academia, Lee worked in the agriculture industry for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Perdue Poultry and Farm Credit Services. He received his bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics and his master’s degree in agricultural education, both from Purdue University.

Lee is a farm kid at heart, and takes pride in his agricultural upbringing. He has been fortunate to participate in agriculture around the globe — living, studying and traveling overseas.

Lee enjoys staying active outside of work. As a Farmhouse alumnus, he currently serves as president of the Purdue Farmhouse Association Board. Additionally, he is a barbeque enthusiast, enjoys running and is an avid outdoorsman.

Awards & Honors

(2010) Distinguished Master's Thesis. Youth Developement and Agricultural Education Department.

(2009) Snyder Award. Farmhouse Fraternity.

(2008) TEAM Award. Indiana Association of Extension Educators.

Selected Publications

Stanish, L. E., Peters, J., & Nowak, C. (in press). The Role of the 4-H Club in Poland. Association for International Agriculture and Extension Education Conference, 3.

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Stanish, L. E., Peters, J., & Nowak, C. (in press). The Role of the 4-H Club in Poland - Pilot Study. European Seminar on Extension Education, 2.

Everhart-Valentin, K., Stanish, L. E., Benjamin, T., & Peters, J. (in press). Cultural Competenceand Global Competitiveness: An Educational Approach. Association for International Agriculture and Extension Education Conference.

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