Biggest takeaway was lifelong friendships and connections; recommends that younger students take advantage of opportunities

Name: Bryce Martin

Hometown: Evansville, Indiana 

High school: North Posey High School

Major & Concentration: Agribusiness Management with a minor in Crop Science

Why did you come to Purdue: I decided to come to Purdue because of my high school agriculture teacher who has been a great influence in my life.  He inspired me to pursue a degree in agriculture from the ninth ranked agriculture university in the world.  He opened my eyes to the numerous occupations and opportunities within the agriculture industry and at Purdue.   

Favorite Purdue tradition: Singing the Purdue fight song after a Purdue win or Purdue touchdown.      

Top three influences at Purdue: 
  1. Brandon Brunt influenced me to get involved on campus and showed me how rewarding and valuable it is to get involved and make connections.  
  2. Lee Schweitzer as he showed me the importance of being passionate in your areas of interest and showed the importance of being a good, kind-hearted person. 
  3. Alpha Gamma Rho - I have been presented many lifelong friends in which we have created many great memories and stories that I will remember forever.  This experience has presented many opportunities with networking and both personal and professional development.       

Five words to describe Purdue: 
  • Motivating
  • Prestigious
  • Research
  • Lifelong
  • Boilermakers!    

Top five highlights of your career:    
  1. Being an Ag Ambassador for the College of Agriculture
  2. Becoming a member of Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity
  3. Having dinner with Provost Akridge 
  4. Internship with BASF in chemical sales 
  5. Internship with LG Seeds in seed sales
Something you wish you would have done at Purdue:  I wish I would have studied abroad at my time at Purdue.  Many of my friends have studied abroad and traveled the world and I wish I would have been able to have an experience like that.  I also wish that I would have done more traveling to away Purdue sporting events. 

Places you have been as a Purdue student:  Purdue has taken me to Bismarck, North Dakota for a summer where I interned as a sales intern for BASF crop protection division.  With this job I got to travel the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and little of Wyoming.  
Purdue has allowed me the opportunity to travel to Kansas City for the AFA Leaders Conference and to Savannah, Georgia for an Agriculture Ambassador Conference where Purdue Ag Ambassadors got to meet and collaborate with Ag Ambassadors from other universities such as Ohio State, Kentucky, Clemson, Florida, and Georgia University.  

Have to redo college in a major not in Ag: If I got to redo college in a major outside of agriculture I would choose the management major within Krannert School of Business  

Favorite club/organization: Alpha Gamma Rho because I have created lifelong friends that I share common values with. I have also been presented many professional development and networking opportunities from people within this national organization that I am forever thankful for.  

Favorite Student-led event/initiative:  Ag Week that is put on by Ag Week Task Force. I respect and value the initiative that these students take to help educate the public about agriculture and where peoples food comes from. I believe this is a very vital thing that the task force does especially with the growing concern that people have for food traceability and understanding how their food is produced.    

Favorite Purdue event: Grand Prix Week 

Favorite place to study: Hicks Underground Library 

Over your career where were you most likely to be found on campus:  I was lucky enough to be able to live on campus on University Street in my fraternity called Alpha Gamma Rho.  I would most likely to be found there.   

Favorite spot on campus:  The Bell Tower during the fall.

Favorite thing about CoA:  College of Agriculture is the small family atmosphere that this college has. Everyone gets along very well and students get to meet and know many other students and faculty and create friendships. I also really like the opportunities that faculty and staff present us with to aid in our professional development and our success at Purdue and outside of Purdue.     

Favorite thing about AGEC:  The opportunity to make myself as well-rounded of an individual that I can based on areas of interest and importance.  The like the curriculum in the sense that I must take finance courses, economic courses, marketing courses, merchandising courses, and other courses focused on my interest of agriculture.  Furthermore, I like the opportunity that I have to take courses outside of Ag Econ such as agronomy courses, agriculture systems courses, and other courses that I may have interest in.  Finally, the Ag Econ department has provided their students with the best counselors to help us find the proper classes for our interests and always willing to meet with us regarding any problems or concerns that students may have.    

Favorite thing about your major:  The flexibility it carries when applying for jobs. I believe the curriculum has made me a more well-rounded individual with the qualifications to apply and become successful in a multitude of companies and job positions.   

Favorite class:  AGRY 375 Crop Production Systems

Favorite professor:  Dr. Lee Schweitzer

Coolest project:  The coolest project I have got to work on was during my internship with LG Seeds.  I was given a territory that a District Sales Manager controls and I got to run that District for a month.  I got to choose what experiences and knowledge I wanted to focus on.  I focused on practicing actual sales experience by visiting current customers of LG Seeds and maintaining those relationships.  I also practiced prospecting for new customers by visiting farmers and creating brand awareness for LG Seeds.  The other part of my project was gaining better product knowledge/ agronomy knowledge of both LG Seeds and competitor brands as well.     

Three biggest accomplishments: 
  1. Becoming an Ag Ambassador
  2. Internships with BASF and LG Seeds
  3. Being on the Dean’s List every year

Things on your resume not listed above:  Was a member of Grand Prix Junior Board

Three words to describe you:  
  • Sociable
  • Determined
  • Resourceful

What are you passionate for: I am passionate for my family and friends. I hope to be the best person that I can be throughout my life by always treating people with respect and lending a helping hand when it is needed. I am also passionate for our family farm and hope to continue the farm that has been in our family for over 100 years.

What intrigues you about the Ag industry:  The agricultural industry intrigues me because there are so many moving parts within the industry and I value the knowledge that comes along with this.  Occupations can range from production agriculture, to a more economical view of agriculture, to engineering, to animal/veterinarian views, to agronomic/ scientific views, to communication/ politics, to conservation of nature, to food production and safety, and many other segments that are vital to the continuance of life on earth.  The agricultural industry encompasses so many facets of life that actually do make a difference in the world and are essential for us.    

What motivates you:  I am motivated by my future and where I want to end up someday.  I know that I want to live in Evansville, Indiana where I can hold a full-time job in a sales role for a major seed company and still run my family farm where I will be the fifth generation.  This motivates me to be as hardworking and resilient as I can in order to reach this goal.  I have seen how hard my father has worked running our dairy farm and I hope that one day I can still farm on the side because  our farm has meant so much to my family, while still holding a full-time job in sales.  I am motivated everyday by this to become as knowledgeable in the agricultural industry as possible so I can be successful in my professional and personal life.     

Favorite quote:  “And on the 8th day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, "I need a caretaker." So God made a farmer.”  - Paul Harvey   

Personal Motto:  Gain as many experiences and make as many memories as possible because we only live life once.    

Accepted employment: Sales Trainee for AgReliant Genetics working out of Westfield, Indiana working in seed sales

Where do you want to end up: I would like to end up back home in Evansville, Indiana in a full-time sales role for a major seed or chemical company, where I am still able to continue to run our family farm and stay close to my family and friends.

Advice for underclassman: Take advantage of the numerous opportunities that the College of Agriculture presents to you. Study abroad, take internships, get involved in clubs/organizations, apply for conferences, etc. Many connections and opportunities can open up and be presented by getting involved. Finally, four years goes fast so make the most of your time here.   

Biggest takeaway from Purdue: My biggest take away from Purdue was the lifelong friendships and connections I have made at Purdue.  Value those friendships and use those connections in the future.    

Agricultural Economics, 403 West State Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907 USA, (765) 494-4191

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