Undergraduate Resources


Undergraduate Resourc​es

Prospective Students
Take a closer look at an undergraduate degree in Agricultural Economics – the degree with the future.

You'll find descriptions of all Ag Econ courses, prerequisites and links to courses that have Web sites.learn more

Agricultural Economics Internship (currently being constructed)
Take a look at the Agricultural Economics Internship Guidelines

Counseling Corner
A counseling tool to assist undergraduate students in planning their undergraduate academic path at Purdue.learn more

Study Abroad
Interested in an international adventure? A guide to the various summer and semester study abroad programs.learn more

University’s Student Services Information on the Web. Check your class and final exam schedules and financial aid report.learn more

Career & Internship Resources
Sign up for on-campus interviews and turn in your resume for off-campus interviews. Build your job search success skills.learn more

Review the scholarship opportunities available through the School of Agriculture and the Department of Agricultural Economics.learn more

Student Clubs
Enhance your education by becoming involved in at least one of the 630 Purdue University student organizations – there is a club of interest for everyone!learn more

View resumes of students seeking permanent employment and internships.learn more